Windows Phone - 01 March 2010
Author: Doug Smith

noupgrade I know there are a lot of HTC HD2 Owners cursing Microsoft after a statement made by Natasha Kwan, who is the General Manager for Microsoft’s Mobile Communications Business in the Asia-Pacific region, that said that the HD2: “doesn’t qualify because it doesn’t have the three buttons”.

Even the though the mouth watering HTC HD2 meets all the Microsoft hardware provisions originally laid out, the HD2 does not come with the 3 buttons.

There is even another statement made by Down Under Business Operations Director for Microsoft Australia to that there could also be some missing hardware components as well.

So as many of you already know, Windows Mobile 7, due out later this year <cough>, will be coming out on entirely new devices and Microsoft will be still tweaking Windows Mobile 6.5.3 for enterprise devices: “We think there are people who will want 6.5, and the 6.x platform has a lot of enterprise and line of business apps” Kwan says

The Windows Mobile 6.5.X OS will be getting a new name tag called “Windows Phone Classic” and Kwan goes on to say: “A lot of 6.5 applications have been built very much from the old paradigm of the stylus. Those legacy apps will be a lot more compatible on 6.5.3 because we have magnifier technology which lets you use your finger for navigating, even though it has a much bigger surface area.”

The good thing is that no matter what  Microsoft decides to do, we will always have the likes XDA and PPCGeeks porting all the goodness Microsoft would see fit to deny us. Stay tuned and we will keep plodding along with you awaiting the coming of Windows Mobile 7.

(via: WMPU)

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